Safe holiday

Secure hospitality

Health and security of our guests and workers is highly important for us, therefore hygiene and cleanliness is of major importance at Kühtaier Dorfstadl and its apartment house.

Following is what we do, to secure our guests:

  • Social distancing, keep a distance of 1.5 m in all public spaces
  • Regularly desinfection of all exposed surfaces
  • We offer additional germicide stations in all public areas
  • We follow the instructions of our government

For our all health we cordially ask you to stick to the follwing rules concerning the Covid-19 security policies

What we can all do

  • Please wear a face covering in the areas indicated (see above). We also recommend wearing a face covering when you are unable to socially distance from other people.
  • If you use disposable masks, please dispose of these appropriately in the bins at the stations.
  • Please ensure you maintain a sufficient distance from strangers, and avoid shaking hands when you greet people.
  • Wash your hands well with soap and water several times a day and use the sanitiser dispensers at the cable car and lift stations and in the hotels, restaurants and huts.
  • Please follow the staff’s instructions.

Subject to change.

To find more information, please follow the link to our cable car company